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HAD-TO return a machine, it was a Laser Engraver.

but firstly, the engineers or so called support department's technicians CANT bloody well understand ENGLISH, so i was messed around for about 3-4 days so simply show them the problem so they didnt even have to read much text because i made a...

So all the idiots had to do was to sit down, watch a 20-SECOND video-clip that i recorded on my aged iPhone 4S....

FINALLY they decided it wasnt going to work and they advised me to take it apart and box it up again, which i had rebuilt the damn machine SEVERAL TIMES, so this was getting on my nerves...

Next they asked me to get a quote from the local post office, now i cant walk and am in pain hourly and stuck in bed 23 hours a damned day...

so i had to arrange for anyone to come over while they were passing through my area, eventually some kind soul did so and i obtained the quote for approx £65 GBP - NOT - this is in UK Currency, and Gearbest seems to only operate in US Dollars ONLY...

They turned round and told me they couldnt pay for return shipping as it was too much, yet that was the CHEAPEST quote from the post office, so now Gearbest wont pay for return ship on an item, a machine, a power-tool, to be more precise, that is FAULTY ON ARRIVAL.

My video is on Youtube so its as clear as daylight for eveyone who wants to see it.

So now, they say they can only afford 30 US Dollars which equates to roughly £23 GBP, not even close to the £65 for the one way shipping trip for the large and heavy parcel...

Then they tried palming me off with saying they can give me 30 US Dollars and i can keep the faulty equipment which i told them is an insult especially as i paid £153 GBP for the device..

Then they changed their story to giving me 50 US Dollars...

So now we know they LIED and COULD afford to pay more for the shipping, that 50 US Dollars could have gone to the shipping for returning the faulty item....

Okay so now im extremely angry and DEMANDING to speak, mrs Zhang's BOSS at Gearbest....

And this is where they again offered me 100 US Dollars and to keep the item. So now they've lied repeatedly by saying they couldnt pay more than 30 US Dollars for the faulty item's shipping cost.

And at this point i have STEAM coming out my ears and a week and a half has passed....

And guess what... thats where i am right now at present lol

So wish me luck lol

Product or Service Mentioned: Bachin Maker 4050 Engraving Machine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Replace Faulty Machine with New Machine.

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That machine looks like a lightweight. My first impression is to ask what you expected for a small amount of money - and the price you quoted is very low for any sort of decent machine tool.

Then you ordered it from overseas instead of patronizing a local or in-country dealer. I spent most of my working career in the machine tool industry and nothing spindly or cheaply made is worthwhile ; it just wastes time and money as you have discovered.

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