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I'm sure most of the 5 star reviews here are fake, read them and you'll see that they are mostly fake. Do not purchase from this company; you'll be lucky if you receive your item, if not, you'll be lucky to get your money back. I have all the details and communication logs to detail what happened, below are the main points.

Item ordered 12/3/2015; item shows in stock and ships within 3-5 business days. Estimated shipping is 7-10 business days. Therefore I expect it to arrive around Christmas.

After more than 5 business days the item still does not show shipped; I opened a ticket to ask. They claim item is out of stock and asked me to wait, pick another item (I would pay the difference), or they'll give me store credit. In the meantime the website still shows the item is in stock and ships within 3-5 days.

I chose another item that they confirmed is in stock.

2 Days pass and I still didn't get shipping confirmation; knowing that it would result in a significant delay beyond Christmas I email them that if the order was not already shipped to cancel the order and refund me in full.

The next day, the item miraculously changed to shipped with a tracking number.

Item never comes, I contacted multiple times and they keep repeating the same shipping tracking number which was shipped to somewhere in China and NOT to the USA.

They claim to be contacting the shipping company to see why it didn't arrive.

I initiate Paypal dispute as it was now over 1 month and I have no item and Gearbest was still looking into it. Gearbest never responds to paypal or to me.

After a week I upgraded to paypal claim; miraculously Gearbest provides a different tracking number which ALSO ships to CHINA and not the USA.

Paypal sides with me and refunds my money. Only then did they respond with apologizes. Took about 8 weeks to get my money back.

So, they continue to list items they don't have in stock. When items are not in stock they won't refund money and only issues credit. They generate bogus tracking numbers to stall and try to prove they shipped items. Does not respond to inquiries except with lies. If it wasn't for Paypal, I'd be out of 80+ dollars.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Two different orders both of items that claimed to be "in stock" and "ships in 3 - 5 days also. Neither item shipped over 2 weeks after placing the orders and payment confirmed.

Gearbest refunded the first time with no questions asked. I don't know why I expected it to be different this time, so I am about to file for a refund on this item and will never place and order with Gearbest again.


I am not too happy with paypal for letting gearbest do business through paypal. Is it really worth it for paypal with all the claims gearbest is causing them?

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