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I saw the advertisement of WPL rc 1:16 truck on They also have a youtube video.

I purchased two as my son wanted them so badly. I received and counterfeit copy of the original WPL truck. They are very poor quality and parts broke on the second in the yellow truck. The grey truck does not work at all.

The spares leaf springs which came were already rotten and have no use. I have watched so many videos of WPL trucks on youtube. However what gearbest is selling, has a completely diff package and print on the truck is also different. Even if they copied a product and got it manufactured at a cheap chinese factory.

The question is that when the quality is so low that these toys are almost worth a picture or just to keep them on shelf. They send such things to Europe. They take Euros and send products that does not have any quality and durability. It is just plastic scrap.

This is my third bad experience with gearbest. I will not buy any electronic product as this company copy original products and get them manufactured in very poor factories where there is no quality check of what is being produced. What is the use of selling a product that does not work? Why cant they beg going house to house and starting some charity to save this company.

A willing donation is much better than a sales fraud. It is crime to sell counterfeit products. Above all they have guts to defend their fraud and this malpractice. They come with a bold face and reply to comments and say that we have resolved the issue.

They offer points on their website and $15 if you have done a shopping of or around $100. First one pays the money, then more than one month wait, then when one opens the package then its counterfeit. I do not understand the mindset of gearbest people. What is the purpose of doing such unethical practices and giving pain to innocent children?

Of course gearbest team wants to earn the bread and butter for their children and family. However what kind of bread gearbest team is giving to their family by robbing money from people? This is 2017, now thieves do not come to our homes. They rob us of our money by sitting at their own homes.

This company ought to be brought down. As these criminals must be punished for making children cry and ripping off hard earned money from innocent people who just want to buy some toy for their children. The toys which are not available in Europe. The trucks came with many screws missing.

The front differential does not have main screw. The leaf springs are already rotten. The receiver of grey truck does not work. The steering servo does not work as well.

The other truck's shafts came out at first run. Later motor stopped working. What can be the quality which gearbest is trying to sell in their products. Why they make such cheap quality copies?

Is there no copyright law in China?

I can not understand that who gives them the right to play with hearts and emotions of little children? I can write more; however these criminals will not accept not will they come to their senses.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rc Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $72.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Gearbest Cons: Unethical business practices.

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I had a similar experience.I bought a Xiaomi Mi drone with 4k camera worth around 400$ . They sent me the item with a non EU plug.So i had to wait another month till i became the EU plug.When the product arrived i found out that the camera resolution wasn't 4k, it was an awful quality and it damaged my business as i had to shoot video for one of my clients.

I mentioned the problem to the company and there is where more problems emerged. Firstly they had some issues to answer to my ticket. And secondly, our conversation of no more than 20 minutes , lasted around 2 weeks as to every dialog of mine ,they were answering after 48 hours. So two months have been passed and I am no more entitled for a refund.

I am extra mad and disappointed.

This is uacceptable as they harm the market and peoples trust in buying online. We have to deal with them somehow.!!!!

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