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it is now nearly one year later and still, no money back, no sorry, no new phone, no answers, no nothing but I do have news.

I found out that gear best never picked up my returns (from DHL I guess) or refused to take back my returned phone.

Then after I finally found and responded to my "Tickets" I didn't know about it at all, as I always was waiting for the reply's to my questions to my email, but I never got now answers ever to my email, as they dont reply, rather open some stupid tickets which I didn't know anything about it and never really understood anything about any tickets, anyway I finally found them and I responded to them finally and guess what they wrote to me, it said there, they wanted to send me back my money but they couldn't ??? as they didn't know where to send the money to ??? All they had to do was, reply to my many emails!!!!!!!!!

Now that I read this, I right away filled out all the request like my account Nr., bank name, my name, IBAN etc. and ever since in the past month or two, they constantly tell me they are sorry, that I still dont get my money back as they need and now here it is, the same like before, they dont know where to send it to, they need all the info about bank information, bank IBAN etc and I send it to them again and this goes on now every 2-3 days all over again and again and again and again and again and again and .............

never seems to stop no more this way and finally, they wrote to me yesterday, they want to release the money now to the seller ?????????

I thought they are the seller ?!?!?!?!?!? now they have a million time now my bank information and yet they dont even read it at all, dont respond to it at all and keep writing all over the same again and again and I am not getting back my money ????? Now, how baaaaaaaad *** is that for a giant rip off business ???

I am pissed off so much you can taste it in the USA all the way to China and Hing Kong and back to Germany.

They wanted pictures of my package I send to them and I send them 15 pictures of all and any site of the package with any kind of sticker or so on it and now they wrote, I wouldn't comply with there request and not sending them the pictures they have been asking for even I did and multiple times, each time 15 !!! pictures. What bastards are they ??? !!!

There 5 pictures not included as I can only add pictures of 10MP perhaps they got somehow bigger but it is enough anyway to prove my point with the 10 provided nowhere and if you look closely, you can see, that I even had to pay besides the return shipping fee but also another extra 10 Euro because they refused to take it back !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gearbest Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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