I alreadt bought a tons of tech & geek products (Memory Cards, Controllers, A Gamepad with Android, towels, action figure, etc).

Gearbest have a fairprice if you compare to other sites like Ali, DX, Bangood but there's something that make it special: Pointing System! Everytime you buy something you'll receveive a proporcial point for that Shop. Every point you have is a discount, don't matter how much you have. Its great the feel of reward and its a incentive to always look on this site everytime you want to buy something.

Other great stuff is the credit card option. I live in Brazil and I can use a non-international card. Besides, depending of value, I can parcel the value with no interests.

The customer service is great too! When I needed because of the Brazil's Post Office Bad services, the gearbest made the refund to my bank account, site wallet (like a fund) or resend the order. I've so much respect for it.

In genereal, the Gearbest is the best shopping from China that respect the customer with a fair price, good return politics, options of payment methods.

I recommend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gearbest Website.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Gearbest Pros: Fast response from client support, Competitive price fast shipment fast processing.

Gearbest Cons: Delivery time.

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