It's an excellent online store with a variety of products available. I have made several orders that arrive quite fast.

Just yesterday I bought a smartwatch (Order No: 18050200928319286409) and it has already been sent. Before that I bought several metal puzzles of the star wars that arrived all in an instant and in excellent conditions. The best part were the deals that allowed me to buy several at great prices. (Order No: W1801151051347469 and Order No: W1801100651452498) At the same time I bought a dock station for two hard drives and a usb hub that also arrived in excellent condition.

I have constantly used both equipments and they work perfectly.

(Order No: W1712101715479680). Gearbest is the perfect online store for birthday and christmas gifts.

I recommend gearbest

Product or Service Mentioned: Gearbest Marketplace.

Reason of review: Fast order processing.

Gearbest Pros: Shipping speed, Very good prices.

  • Reliable Company
  • Excellent Shop
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