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If you have ever gone to, you will notice a lot of positive reviews for the things they sell. In fact, you will not find a single product with a review less than 4 stars. You may think, "Hey everything they sell must be great!" Except, look up some of the same products on Amazon and they can have quite low ratings.

I've bought a few things from Gearbest. Two of them, I have no complaints over, but a third was less than good. So I have it an overall review of 2/5, but Gearbest somehow turned my review into 3.5/5 (which I can see in my account). But it does not show up on the product page -- its been weeks. My two positive reviews showed up the same day. So I decided to contact them on facebook. Here is out exchange...

Me:Can you explain to me why you have no mixed or negative reviews about products on your site? I have posted 2 product reviews. One positive, which appeared the same day. One negative (which you guys turned into average), which a week later still isn't up... That seems very dishonest and fraudulent

GB:Thank you for your feeback.

The review may cannot be showed completely due to there is so many review.

In addition, please note that you can explain your issue here in details, we would like to assist you to solve it.

Thanks for your understanding.


Me: I don't understand. That makes no sense. Unless I see my non-positive review posted, I will find ways to make this more public. It is incredibly dishonest what you're doing.

GB: Thank you for your reply.

We are really sorry for this situation, but it is out of our control.

Please let us how can we help you.

Thank you for your understanding and assistant.

Me: How is it out of your control that your website only posts positive reviews?

and that was a week ago... no more responses and no review posted on the product page. Gearbest is dishonest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gearbest Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Completely agree with your post. I wrote a bad review of one of their products and they not have put it on the page. From my point of view this is a fraud and do not think I will buy on this page, it seems too dishonest.


I'm the original poster for this. I contacted Gearbest in regards to this post.

They told me to wait a week because of system issues. I waited...

and my post still isn't up. I'm not saying avoid Gearbest, but I wouldn't buy anything without researching items on other websites first.


Dear customer,

Thank you for notifying our complaint.

Gearbest shows all the reviews of customers.

For the issue, could you please submit a ticket with title "pissedconsumer complaint of 911238?"

After receiving your complaint, we will try our best to resolve the problems to your satisfaction.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


I have the exact same experience. I bought a faulty AGM X2 ruggedphone from them, and wrote a negative review after all the faults surfaced and they have not published it.

So dishonest. I'm gonna write a blogpost about it in coming weeks.

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