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- Ordered a ninebot mini plus at flash sale for about 450€ with EUTHXYH shipping and priority lane + imsurance and NO drop ship (for obvious reasons)

- Promised delivery time at order (and still in app/web) 3-5 work weeks = 21-35 days

- package tracking promised

Problem 1: when trying to oder ninebot + 3 other items from app it was never possible to pay.

Reason: App do not distinguish between products that need different shipping methods (like nine bot with battery) and other products

Solution: order via web. There i had more shipping choices and it clearly said i can not put all items in same order. Customer support never figured this out so it was trial on error by me!

Problem2: NO tracking + longer delivery than promised

After a week without tracking i used the GB chat function. They basically answered that i have to wait and that package now will take 30-50days to arrive, not the promised 21-35. I asked why but they were not allowed to say, but told me tonopen a ticket since that support was allowed to explain.

I opened a ticket...still zero explenation just nice (useless) words but no useful info.

Problem 3: after 3-5 weeks still no tracking.

Reason: continuing talking to support girl (or AI computer...or guy who knows) Wanda_Hu. She continue answering i have to wait more, there can be delays im tracking update, sometime tracking doesnt work untill arriving in destination country (that ain't tracking FYI)

Solution: Used track17 and track24 on:

1st tracking nr of first email.

That tracking nr lead to a package sent from australia with no reciever

2nd tracking nr i found was in the app and lead me to ups via track24, but that was after several weeks

That tracking nr said:



Order Processed: Ready for UPS

And it still does, its been like that 8days now.

Last week i called UPS and they say that it means GB ordered a shipping but has not handed over the package to UPS.

That means the tracking has still not started since the package location is still unknown.

Reason: GearBest probably does this to be able to say that tracking is working or try to cover for something.

On Wednesday (in 3 days) it has been 5 weeks and GB promised delivery time is up. Then its time to make use of the insurance i added (luckily) when ordering. Lets see how that works out LOL.

It will probably end up with me asking mastercard to withdraw my payment from my platinum card if gear best do not keep their promise and get the package here in working condition in time.

Its a pity they don't take care of their customers better, since a decent review of each case would lift their reputation and i would stay loyal. Now it's back to amazon, ebay, Ali express where no such issues have existed even with battery operated products like robot vacuum and the like.

I know battery operated products need train freight after the Samsung story, and that is fine. I could even accept 30-50 days delivery IF they said that when ordering and IF tracking worked as promised and IF customer support would at least try to look into arrends... But all three fail. And that makes me very scared what happens if i get a DOA, even after reading all their faq on the issue. I don't think i Will ger much help since then they don't think i can recall the money on my platinum (which i can)

Lets see how the story ends.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gearbest Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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He clearly got the item and can’t be bothered anymore


Well, this rant is of little help if you don't take the effort to say how it ended.


How did the story end?!

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