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Tech Support

When are you going to have tech support?? I have waited two weeks with a simple question that a child could answer (either yes or no) The answer by them is to wait for tech support so where is he He owes me $98 buy Gearbest sending the wrong item - Gearbest asked for pictures of my problem so I go to upload and guess what you cannot upload so you need tech support just to get pictures uploaded this took 4 days off messages back and forwards ended up emailing Pictures to there support ..guess what support answered and said I uploaded to wrong ticket ??? I sent email to support@gearbest,com there is not different address's for each ticket ( this is how they think) I ended up asking support from another company who answered with right answer


When I get my parcel

When my parcel delivered RG944792183BE It's too long I made an order


Refund issue

How many day to refund process


For review units for YouTube channel

I want to talk about review units?


Waiting for my order

My order no w1711130714078056 was allegedly dispatched on Nov 20th and after numerous efforts checking movement with gearbest and Yodel it has still not arrived.Gearbest informed me that the parcel was in uk on Jan 18th but still Yodel has not received it. I contacted gearbest 4 days ago and the usual ( will contact you within 24 hours) has well gone.

The order direct from China supposed to take 15 - 30 days is now up to 71 days which is to say the least excessive. I would be obliged if you can help me with this predicament.


Did you got it your order or still it has not been delivered yet, please let me know because i have the same situation


i phone earplugs

Hi just wondering how long it takes for a delevery i bought some ear plugs on October 21st and havent recieved any yet


When my order will come

Why my order WB1709242259210370 has not came till yet


UK delivery

How long does it take once shipped out to deliver to UK using standard mail


Depends on if theres a holiday in china. I ordered mine on the 29th and it hasn't even left china yet.

Apparently thier entire country shuts down for holidays and unlike normal countries like the u.s.

they have 8 day holdiays. Communism at its finest.


3 weeks and still waiting !!!!


can i buy s battery for my feiting h9500 phone i purchaded from you

I brought my phone from you feiting h9500 but I can't buy a battery anywhere can I buy one off you I love my phone I tried to get your phone number can you ring me on this phone ,0488541480 or 0359811102 thank you


My phone was stolen from my apt mailbox i have proof

Please return my call ASAP!!! 8054163360


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