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Poster decreased review rating.

Update by user Oct 23, 2017

Absolutely no answer to any request to delete the account at Gearbest. The unsubscribe on their emails don't work.

Try every time, always ends with an error. I feel harassed by Gearbest...

Update by user Oct 03, 2017

I opened 2 tickets to delete my account at and none got any answer.

The unsubscribe inside their spam emails, doesn't work. Page not Found.

Update by user Sep 29, 2017

Not sure if this is resolved.. one order is outstanding for 12 weeks and will never turn up or get reshipped...

if a Admin sees that..

do what you think is best, please. I go and get my account at Gearbest deleted ^^

Update by user Sep 29, 2017

Parcel arrived. DHL did the delivery within 4 days.

If it would have been the way, the parcel would still lay in their storage. Ordered 13.9. with DHL fast shipping, left the storage of Gearbest: 24.9. Ordered and paid for fast shipping to get the parcel within 5-7 days (DHL did their job in 4 days) Got the parcel 28.9.

delivered by DHL Gearbest handling time: 11 days (promised to ship within 2 days) plus they added 30$ by them self additional cost, not visible on the web site.

If I wouldn't have contacted to ask why not shipped, Gearbest would NEVER have come back to me and the order would still be open. I stick to my review, Gearbest is cheap *** service.

Update by user Sep 27, 2017

Information on the web site are worth.. nothing.

Gearbest tries way to much and fails most times. The site wants to provide tracking information, tells you to check tracking information on the site.. but you don't get tracking information, point! If Gearbest is right, DHL picks up the parcel for the last 2 days.

When you check DHL (a company knowing what they do), you get the information, parcel somewhere in the AoE. If they would stick to being a shop, perhaps the service would be better. GB tries to be everything and spread to far.. what makes em fail a lot.

My account gets deleted when the parcel is here.. just way to unfriendly service and sorry.. VERY incompetent workers.

If I wouldn't have written, the parcel would still be on hold and GB would have done NOTHING to inform me about that fact. Pay a bit more and get decent service, is better as Gearbest cheap *** service and stress for weeks, even you paid for the service extra and should take a few days.

Update by user Sep 26, 2017

And todays update: GB tells, the parcel is getting picked up for the last 16 hours.. not sure it got picked up at all and they just "lie" a little to make you believe...

Update by user Sep 26, 2017

So.. back to report, same time yesterday..

news were still the same: not shipped.

Then 8 hours later I got the message! The Parcel is getting picked up!

Update by user Sep 26, 2017

Sites gives errors since yesterday, update didn't work till now

Update by user Sep 24, 2017

And here the daily update: Nothing changed after another 24 hours, parcel still not shipped.

Update by user Sep 23, 2017

Day passed, nothing changed at the order, I just paid 30$ more and same result.. nobody ships the parcel, over due for over a week now.

Additional I got a message from GearBest support, they can't find my orders using my email address (is the email you use as Username at the Gearbest login). The ticket section has a error, and I couldn't even respond (error occurred yesterday after I made Paypal payment of the additional 30$ they want now). But you can go over the link on the feedback page to reach the ticket section, all others give an error page. The site is a mess and run by a customer care..

I wouldn't call customer care.. more like customer hassle.

I keep those updates coming till the parcel is here.. or it will be a never ending daily report ;) Stay AWAY from Gearbest!!!!!!

Original review posted by user Sep 22, 2017

The site looks at first very good. The prices are very attractive and the first order usual done very quick.

The problem starts after the order is placed. My review to Gearbest service. I ordered 3 items: 4k action cam on special for 30$. Never arrived at my spot, 11 weeks and counting.

When I contacted them, they said: pay 50% and we ship again ^^ yeah right! Ship again.. how stupid am I ? Use ONLY shipping with tracker...

or they just grab your money, have a giggle and say: Next! 3d VR Cam 170$ ( was no special) Said will take 5-7 business day shipping with what I bought, arrived after 3 weeks ( you pay for shipping speed you do NOT get!!!! But, happy I got the product in my hand) VR 4k Goggles 375$ (was on special 325$) Said shipped within 2-4 days after order. That was 10 days ago.

I wrote to ask why not shipped, answer: Shipping is now more expensive, they only ship if I pay 30$ more. But did they contact you to tell you? No, they would just keep your money and keep the parcel on hold, rate yourself, is that thievery or just UNBELIEVABLE bad service? I wrote to send me the invoice so I can pay, what I did within 45 minutes of receiving the invoice.

Parcel is not shipped when I write this, I am down around 500$ on items and shipping cost. 2 fails out of 3 orders. Gearbest sucks! Sorry to use this word, but sometimes you just name it for what it is.

They lure you in with cheap prices..

and then you find out that the company is a fraud. They use false advertising as a marketing method, should get taken off the Internet!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gearbest Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Gearbest Cons: More or less all, Will get my account deleted after the last fuckup is solved.

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