Update by user Aug 21

I asked a buddy who is lawyer. He revised all screenshots and emails about this case.

After that, he wrote a long letter which was supported with EU trade laws., This letter has been sent to the Gearbest. They gave me truth and sent back my money.

Original review posted by user Jul 28

I bought an E-Bike a month ago (06.20.2019) but - a hour later - changed my mind and tried to cancel order.

Gearbest support told me: they cannot cancel my order because that is "packed" yet. But they try to cancel, if they can.

Asked me to contact with them a day later.

I tried to cancel order at the next day. But couldn't. Same answer.

So, as I payed via paypal - went to my paypal account and opened a case. I did it several times in the past and always won.

So I uploaded screenshots, etc.

as proof, and wrote detailed descrition about the situation.

But paypal gave me an ne'er-do-weel, neutral answer.

(Pls. friendly communicate with seller, we are only a money transfer company)

I tried to communicate with them (too) and proving my truth.

Two weeks passed. My order's status was the same as first: "packed" yet.

I tried to talk with Gearbest's support center.

They lied me, that the cancelled my order. But I saw that this order's status is active yet.

They informed me about they can cancel my order, mostly the product is only on the way to their European Warehouse.

So, they LIED yet at the first time:


as product wasn't in their stock: they couldn't packed and shipped to me

2. This means that they could give back my money, but they refused.

So, they informed me about able to cancel my order.

If I close the case which has been opened via paypal.

I don't have to much experience in paypal cases, so I believed to the Gearbest and closed paypal case.

(I realised later: this was a terrible mistake)

After this I tried to cancel order again via Gearbest Support center.

They answered me: of course we can cancel order, if paypal case has been closed.

I informed them: That case has been closed yet.

They played this game with me in the next three days.

After, I got an email: they succesfully sent my e-bike. It is on the way.

They sent a tracking code too.

But this tracking code was dead. I waited two weeks, but nothing happened.

It's been over a month now.

But they didn't give back my money, also e-bike had been lost (or they never sent it to me, how knows).

Do you have same experience. Can I do something to assert my truth??!

I'm totally disappointed :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Gearbest Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $870.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hey, I can send you if give an email to me. But this letter mostly reffers to the hungarian/EU I don't know if can be helpful for ya.. Best, Ferenc


Hi, If you could send it to me it would be great. I mostly want the structure and such of the letter.

I’m also European from Portugal. My email Thank you very much


Hi is there any chance you can send me that letter you sent. I had a similar problem with them that they refuse to solve, Please help me


Lol ! Never cancel a Paypal case if a chinese vendor ask for it !!! Paypal is your last warranty bastion if something goes wrong with a seller and you don't receive your goods !

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